Move Me published by bf press 2012

Project manager: Beth Kantrowitz bkprojects

Production Manager, Editor and Designer: Heide Hatry     

ISBN 978-1-4675-2541-1

The Open Studios Press February/March 2019

Editor/Publisher: Steven T. Zevitas

ISSN 1066-2235

Shame was made possible through the generous support of The Natalie Marcus Endowment for the Arts and The Gary David Goldberg '66 and Diana Meehan Endowment for the Arts.

New American Paintings Book XLIV  March 2003

Editor and Publisher: Steven T. Zevitas

Essay Written by Linda Norden

Associate Curator of Contemporary Art

Fogg Art Museum

Grad, Bonnie , Sylvia Moore 1987
“Women and Landscape: Interpreting Nature, pp. 97-98, ill., p. 106, 1987Braverman, Sandra